Employee Time Clocks: A Handy Tool to Log Time

Published: 04th August 2011
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What are employee time clocks? They are perhaps one of the most essential and handy tool any company should have. Employee time clocks are good for all kinds of businesses. If you are still wondering what they are, maybe the term "punch clocks" will ring a bell. Employee time clocks or punch clocks are one of the key components of a functional time and attendance system. They provide a way to mechanically collect time information punched into it using a punch card or others and transport it into a computer system wherein the minutes and hours will be tabulated and saved. Regardless of the name of the employee, the employee time clock is also a data acquisition tool and thus also referred to as a "data acquisition unit".

Different Types of Employee Time Clocks

• Fingerprint Time Clock – there are those employees who punch clocks for their absent or tardy co-workers; this method is called "buddy punching". The fingerprint employee time clock is easy to use and convenient. Since there are never two fingerprints which are alike, the employer can be assured that there will be no confusion of a wrong ID card used. The employee time will be added accurately and missed punches will be easily spotted and corrected. Additionally, this type of time clock can be used in either a dry or damp environment.
• Magnetic badge Time Clock – whether your main concern is functionality or budget, this type of employee time clock is just fitting for your needs. This time clock tracks employee data such as arrival, departure, breaks and lunches. There is an interactive display which allows the employee to see the feedbacks as they punch and what instructional prompts the time clock may ask. It can also be configured to be used as a swipe and go time clock, eliminating the need for the employee to press any keys and just swipe their badge through the slot reader.
• Hand Punch Time Clock – the hand punch employee time clock is a formidable time and attendance solution. Because of its ability prevent buddy punching, hand punch time clocks is less disturbing to the employee. Thus making it a real solution and highly accepted by supervisors, managers, and employees alike.
• Handheld Mobility Time Clock – whenever there is a need for an employee or a work force to go out of the building and travel to certain locations, this type of employee time clock is just what they need. Its size is similar to that of a cellphone and works like any other office employee time clock available. It can track can track various employees, their arrival, departure, and quantity data.
• Barcode badge Time Clock – for those business using barcode employee badges, the barcode badge employee time clock tracks employee punched data including arrival, departure, breaks, and can even record department and job assignments which can also easily switch between tasks. This is usually built with red and green lights to indicate a success or failure in the employee transaction and comes in a 2-line screen for better functionality.

A punch clock or employee time clock is indeed an important tool to help any business owner to monitor effectively and manage efficiently their employee attendance and pay roll.

One reliable way to improve your workforce management is to use appropriate time clocks.

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